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We excel in technology for separation of various multilayered materials that normally would have been treated as waste. However, we are able to convert different fractions into profitable raw materials which can be used in many industries and are no longer doomed to be incinarated to create energy - these materials are way too valuable and have to be recycled and used as new materials and products.

If you or your company have multilayered waste material in your production, please feel free to contact us and see if our technology and solutions can convert your waste into profit.

Our History

2019 - 2023

Prounit Frames is a part of Ammongas Holding. Having Ammongas Holding as our reliable partner has ensured us sustainability and will make our long-term strategy to further strengthen our market position possible.

Following our strategic goals of ensuring our customers delivery of the full value chain within manufacturing, installations and services, we continue to expend our company in terms of facilities and resources, to meet the high-quality standards the market sets.

Our Collaboration

We collaborate with both the chemical, aluminum, paper and plastic industries along with universities, and NGOs around the globe which ensures our customers impartial analysis, correct data and impact on the social awareness level.

Our Facilities

Based in Randers, Denmark with our production and testing facilities we are able to perform controlled tests from laboratory size to fully automatic larger scale pilot plants.​

We design, engineer, manufacture, assemble and test our equipment in our own facilities - all under one roof.

Our Visions

  • To create and bring value to our customers by being innovative in our mindset with new ideas and solutions.​

  • To ensure all commitments and agreements are met at all times.​

  • Being flexible in all aspects to ensure focus is kept on the entire project and full value chain.​

  • To keep developing our competences and personnel to meet high level standards the market demands.​

  • To always ensure the highest quality in all aspects of our work.​

  • To embrace diversity in people.

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