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Denmark in numbers

In Denmark the amount of Used Beverage Cartons (UBC), if collected and recycled (35-40%), is approx. 15.000 tons/year which amounts to over 575 million packages consumed annually.


If the carton fibers were recycled in a papermill as done outside Denmark, that would leave 3.750 tons of PolyAl (Polyethylene combined with Aluminum) per year which normally would go to incineration facilities. However, from the 1st of July 2021 Denmark is to collect this waste fraction on a consumer level (in the public).

With the use of our equipment, we can change the profit from a negative price (due to incineration fee etc.) to a plus price along with supporting the environment and reducing CO2.

In Denmark we would:

  • Change the market price from negative to positive.

  • Produce hydrogen gas for energy (Power-To-X) - free.

  • Reduce CO2 by recycling the plastic inside the UBC which would amount to 7.500 tons CO2 per year or reduce the excepted Danish incineration facilities level in 2030 with 0,5%.

  • Supply green and recycled Aluminate to treat/clean wastewater at the national wastewater facilities.


Approximately 241 billion food and beverage packages were sold last year (2020) in the various parts around the world amounting to 6,3 million tons material that could be recycled into new raw materials:

Word amounts01.png

Starting from the left:

Europe & Central Asia:

  • 72,3 billion packages (30% amount of the world)


  • 60,2 billon packages (25% amount of the world

Asia Pacific:

  • 84,3 billion packages (35% amounts of the world)

Greater Middle East & Africa:

  • 24,1 billion packages (10% amount of the world

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