Prounit Frames specializes in on-site installations, both mechanical and electrical, worldwide.

We install, make piping and wiring of primarily Dairy, Food & Beverage and Gas industries equipment. All in sanitary and hygienic design and always in good (certified) quality stainless steel.

Our highly skilled supervisors, engineers, welders, fitters and electricians cover installation work of any size and in any country desired.

We exceed in effectiveness and flexibility in all our work along with always ensuring the highest quality demands.

We speak various languages, primarily English, but also Danish, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian and Swedish.

A full package of installation services from Prounit Frames includes (if needed) all administration and handling of work permits, residence permits, accommodation, transport, tools and materials.

To accommodate our services, we also offer to make routine services on your facilities and equipment. This gives you one supplier with one concept - from installation of your equipment to its servicing. 

Service of your facilities from Prounit Frames includes routine checks of valves, pumps, instruments, seals, utility connections etc. 

With a routine schedule our installation crews (both mechanical and electrical) visit your facilities and carry out maintenance working according to your needs and demands. 

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