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Process Description

With a combination of the mechanical, chemical and heat treatment and processes we are able to separate multilayered products (often several plastic and aluminium components) into clean single components which can be recycled and reused as new raw materials.

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Recycling of Used Beverage Cartons

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Multi Flexible Packaging material

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Used Beverage Cartons - PolyAl material

1 | Mechanical Treatment

Our innovative and engineered design reduces the energy consumption for mechanical treatment of our equipment down to a minimum. Along with a safe and high quality selection of components, it allows our equipment ensure high production up time.

2 | Chemical Treatment

Yes, we do use chemicals in our processes. But we have - via our new technology - secured that all the chemicals can be utilized in a green way. For example, we cooperate with the local water waste treatment facilities where 100% of our chemicals can be used in their treatment of waste water, so absolutely no harm is done to the planet. Quite the contrary, 100% is being put to good use for the environment.

3 | Heat Treatment

With regenerative heating processes our equipment ensures the minimal use of heat which is achieved by applying state-of-the-art heating treatment processes.

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