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(Polyethlene plastic combined with Aluminum)

Prounit Frames Techonoly wheels_PolyAl.jpg

PolyAl, which is the fraction received after carton fiber recycling, typically done in a recycling paper mill. The reject fraction from used beverage carton recycling consists of a combination of Polyethylene plastic glued together with an aluminum layer inside the beverage carton. This fraction is cleaned from impurities and inserted into the Separation Line from Prounit Frames where the aluminum is dissolved into a “Aluminate” fraction and a clean Plastic fraction. The Plastic fraction can then be utilized for multiple recycling and the “Aluminate” can be used for precipitation of phosphorus in wastewater and sewage treatment facilities.

During the process of separation, hydrogen gas is created with almost no excess energy required. The gas can then be transformed into energy for various fuels purposes as a green and sustainable energy source.

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