Dosing & Mixing Unit [DMU]

Dosing & Mixing Unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to make uniformed batch product mixtures like white cheese such as “UF Feta” with automatic dosing of GDL and Salt or other liquids and powders along with temperature-controlled trim-heating of the final product before filling.

Capacity range: 500-2.000 l/h

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Pasteurization Unit [PAU]

Pasteurization unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to pasteurize milk, juices and other beverages with an ultra small and compact unit with homogenization and/or separator connection possibilities and with flexible holding cell design.

Capacity range: 500–15.000 l/h

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Filtration Unit [FIU]

Cross Flow Filtration Unit from Prounit Frames for spiral round membranes allows cusotmers to concentrate and seperate milk and whey fluids for applications such as:

  • Ultrafiltration (UF)

  • Micro Filtration (MF)

  • Nano Filtration (NF)

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

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Milk Intake Unit [MIU]

Milk Intake Unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to separate air and particles from milk when being transferred from the milk truck into the dairy.

The unit measures milk accurately and documents the result for further quality analysis and assessment.

Capacity range from 10-35.000 l/h

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Salt Dosing unit [SDU]

The Salt dosing Unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to dose dry salt into tanks containing product to avoid dissolving salt into water and diluting the total solids of your product. Typically used for dosing salt into fermentation tanks for feta cheese. 

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Heating Unit [HEU]

The Heating Unit from Prounit Frames is a small and ultra-compact unit for heating liquid product inline in the process. 

The unit can be connected to various of our other products or as a stand alone in a exisiting process line. both as pre- or after heat treatment.

Capacity: 1.000 - 50.000 l/h

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Process Vessel Unit [PVU]

Processing Vessel unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to mix and treat high viscosity fluids in a multi cable vessel with the correct surfaces treatment. The vessel is designed for various products.

Capacity range: 500 to 10.000 l.

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Vegetable Fat Melter [VFM]

The Vegetable Fat Melting Unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to melt fat and butter blocks into liquid form and transfer them into tanks containing product mixtures. This application is typically used as a alternative to milk fat.

Capacity range: 1.000-10.000 kg/h

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Recobined Milk Unit [RMU]

The Recombination Unit from Prounit Frames allows customers to recobine milk from powder and fat in a batch solution unit with high shear agiation in a processing vessel with with heating and cooling facilities.
The unit can be in combination with our pasteruzation unit (PAU), our heating unit (HEU) or as a stand alone.

Capacity: 500 - 3.000 l/h

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