Stand-alone Processing Units

Stand-alone Processing units from Prounit Frames is specially
designed to provide flexiblity and optimazation in our customers dairy and food & beverage productions.

All units are manufactured with the highest quality and according to present food grade legislations and regulations.

The customer has the options of chosing the components brand, such as valves, instruments and pumps to ensure uniformity with spareparts and automation systems with the rest of the production equipment.

All units can be purchased with or without automation soft- and hardware (if without we provide a functional description).

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Line Solutions

Line solutions from Prounit Frames provides customers with a process and not only a machine.  To ensure a proper process setup we put together different processing units, both from our own portfolio and with external components such as storage tanks etc.

We take the full line performance responsibility and ensures our customers mechanical and electrical installations and future services if needed along with commissioning engineering.

As our stand-alone units our customers can choose the components brands along with automation soft- and hardware level.

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