Stainless steel processing tanks – not a problem at Prounit Frames

As we are getting more and more inquiries from our customers with the need of stainless steel processing tanks and vessels, we have now teamed up with specifically chosen tank manufactures around the world, to meet the rising demand from our customers.

As Prounit Frames primarily specialises in manufacturing of frame-based processing units for the liquid food & beverage industries, we receive an increasing amount of inquiries where our customers request a full package from us, meaning frame units along with tanks and as we often install both tanks and skids-based processing units, we have initiated a broader aspect of to our business and co-operation partners.

So, how does it work? We often receive requests from the customers who need frame-based

units along with tanks. If tanks are in the scope of supply, we can handle everything from the 2D/3D design offers, choice of materials, pressure calculations and documentation according to PED, layouts, end assembly with valves, instruments, pumps, agitators, etc. – as we do with frame-based units.

Then we source prices from various tank and vessel manufactures around the world. In cases of large tanks, it often lowers transport cost significantly if they are sourced close to your facilities, but still with our overall management on quality.

All together we then deliver a full package with our frame-based units along with the tanks and vessels you need for your project. And as a side feature for helping you with top quality stainless steel tanks, we can also provide you with catwalk, platforms and ladders and if the tanks and frame-based units are to be installed inside your factory we offer the possibility to make a pre-assembly inside of our own facilities where we can test the line with power up to 125 amp and water. This has proven to be a low risk- and cost optimization service to lower overall cost and installation time on-site which our customers often choose.

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