Updated Product Portfolio kicks off 2020 for Prounit Frames

Prounit Frames is proud to present our newly updated product portfolio. The work behind it includes studies of market needs and trends, internal and external development activities, sub-supplier sourcing but most importantly – listening and identifying our customers’ needs, seen through their eyes. This has all concluded in a range of new value adding products where some already has been sold and are currently being manufactured in both our own production facilities and with our sub-suppliers.

“We have strived to understand the customers’ needs and their business trends and then come up with products which actually can be value adding and sold” says Managing Director, Michael R. L. Kristensen

Our 5 points behind the development of new products have been straight forward and the conclusion of our customers’ interviews “what do our customers want” has been our guide points and later sales arguments:

1. Plug & Play connection and start-up;

2. Small, compact & full flexible units;

3. Giving the customers free choices in types of instruments and components to ensure uniformity in spare parts and service activities;

4. Giving the customer “free hands” to choose our products to be supplied with or without automation soft- and hardware (without software, we of cause supply a functional description);

5. High quality and efficient design that accumulates in fast delivery and reasonable market prices.

“We will continue to develop our product line to match what is needed in the market with both full flexibility and adaptability to the fast-changing market trends we are seeing in the Dairy and Food & Beverage industries”, Michael continues.

Want to know more, please have a look at our website www.prounit.dk in our product section at products and don’t hesitate to contact us contact.

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