Dosing & Mixing Unit for Cheese applications

Prounit Frames proudly presents our new Dosing & Mixing Unit - the DMU for dairy applications. Our new unit is a groundbreaking innovative unit which the market has not yet seen.

Basically, we have combined 3 normally standalone units into 1 combined unit and adding the possiblity of running for various applications within the dairy industry.

(version without automation hardware illustrated)

Example of application use: Ultra-filtrated white cheese types like “feta”

Our new unit will take the ultra-filtrated milk which has been pasteurized and homogenized from the storage tanks into the two separated 350/500L batch mixing tanks where the product will be mixed with GDL power (Glucono delta-lactone, E575 – a synthetic acidifier common used in this application to bring the pH level of the product down rapidly), then automatically 3-3,5% of dry salt (dry salt to avoid diluting the total solids in the product) will be dosed in, and finally before the product mixture is transferred to the filling machine by the units pump, a plate heat exchanger will trim-heat the product to ensure the correct filling temperature so a uniformed product is being filled.

As an added benefit of the unit there is another liquid dosing tank system for rennet in this case and that is dosed simultaneously and inline to the main product stream just before the filling machine, which will make the product, coagulated inside the carton and/or plastic package.

All this is combined in one skid mounted compact unit which traditionally has been made of 3 separate units, so not only it brings down the cost, service & maintenance but also space requirements in the dairy along with changing previously manual process tasks to an automatic solution and hence minimizing the product risk and maximizing the chances for a uniformed product – every time!

The unit is fully CIP-able and as all our units can be delivered with or without automation soft- and hardware (the unit is supplied with a functional description) and as usual allows the customers the free-hand choice of brand of valves, pumps, instruments etc.

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