New GDL, Salt & Rennet dosing unit for liquid filled white (feta) cheese products.

Prounit Frames latest product is a combined mixing and dosing unit which is perfect for making liquid filled GDL white (feta) cheese. We call it the DMU (Dosing & Mixing Unit).

The new unit allows customers to make cheese mixtures with GDL powder and dry salt along with dosing of liquid rennet mix and/or cultures – all in one unit.

Working principle:

Recombined or Ultra-filtrated Retentate is pumped from intermedia storage tanks in to the units 2 mixing tanks. GDL powder and dry salt is automatically dosed in to the tanks and gently mixed and dissolved in the liquid, when the product has been acidified to the correct pH level a coarse filter will prevent potential unwanted particles from being filled into the finished carton and/or plastic package. After the filter the product goes through the trim-heating system which ensures the correct filling temperature. The pump then transfers the product to the filling machine and at the same time a dosing system for liquid rennet and culture is simultaneously being dosed inline to the filling machines injection nozzle with flow control from the unit to ensure the dosage correspond with the recipe and product filing amount.

All that on one frame-based unit, with the Prounit Frames term “customer free-choice” which means free choice in instruments-, valves- and pumps manufacture brand, to ensure uniformity with the rest of the dairy equipment and its spare parts.

As an extra added benefit with Prounit Frames products, the soft- and hardware automation is always up to the customer to decide the scope of, as all our products can be delivered with or without automation. If automation is not chosen, we will provide a functional description for the customer in which he can his own software from to incorporate into the overall dairy SCADA system.

What’s next? Contact us for a talk and we will be pleased to present our solution for you.

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