Not "just" stand-alone units – we also build them together as line solutions

At Prounit Frames our machines are not just stand-alone units, we also build them together to form line solutions with a variety of flexibility.

Shown below is how we put our units together to get you a recombined milk line setup.

By using the following products:

  • Our Dosing & Mixing unit [DMU] with high shear multi speed agitation [A] along with cooling and heating jacket [B] on the vessels;

  • Our Vegetable Fat Melting unit [VFM] [D] for melting milk fat, vegetable fat/oil and/or butter fat;

  • Our Pasteurization unit [PAU] [E] for pasteurization of the end-product;

  • Our Heating Unit [HEU] [F] for heating the vessel jackets in the DMU and VFM along with the Plate Heat Exchanger for the PAU.

Working process:

Water is added to the two main tanks [B] and heated up to approximately 45-50°C. Then milk powder is dosed automatically through the dry dosing system [C] which is controlled by load cells. The powder is gently agitated until dissolved and left to settle for 20-30 minutes before the agitators are restarted and the temperature is raises to 60-65°C before the fat source is introduced to the mixture.

The fat (milk fat, vegetable oil/fat, butter fat etc.) has in the meantime been liquefied by our Vegetable Fat Melting unit [VFM] [D] and is transferred into the mixing tanks where the agitators switch to run high speed to dissolve the fat. Afterwards the agitators will go to the stirring speed setpoint to keep the mixture properly stirred and to avoid fat separation.

When the product mixture is ready it is transferred to our Pasteurization unit [PAU] [E] where it will be pasteurized and homogenized before cooling and filling.

Alongside the pasteurization unit is our Heating unit [HEU] [F] which provides heating for the pasteurizer and is also used for heating the water going into the jackets on the Dosing & Mixing unit vessels and the jacket of the Fat Melting unit.

As an added benefit the Dosing & Mixing unit also features a liquid dosing system [G] which can be utilized for adding liquid ingredients, such as flavor, color, culture and/or enzymes.

As always, we provide the customers with “free-hand choice” which allows them to select the brands of pumps, valves and instruments to ensure uniformity with the rest of their dairy equipment.

Automation soft- and hardware is always the customers’ choice, and if they decide to have our equipment delivered without it, we of course provide a functional description along with support hours.

Finally, we also offer making the commissioning and installation (mechanical and electrical) along with service activities in the future to ensure the customers’ 100% satisfaction with our equipment and as our motto states “We provide the entire value chain”.

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