Partner to test our prototype recycling unit

We are searching for a partner to participate in finalizing the development of our prototype recycling unit.

The unit, Prounit Frames Liquid Separator [LSP], is designed to separate filled carton packages with liquid food and beverage products and empty packaging materials.

The process:

Filled packages (e.g. 100 ml cartons) are filled into a two-part vessel unit where they are punctured between at set of rolls and the liquid product will run to the bottom of the first vessel. In the bottom of the first vessel a heating jacket ensures the product is heated up to a temperature level where the product remains in liquid form and with low viscosity along with an agitator which can ensures that some products will not separate (e.g. fat separation).

The product will then via gravity go through the outlet filters and be pumped away for re-use or disposal. The outlet filters ensure that packaging residue material is not mixed with the reusable liquid product.

The empty packaging material is via transport belts being transferred to the second vessel where it is emptied into a mobile bin on wheels and can be transferred to the proper disposal area.

Re-use or disposal is depending on the type and state of the liquid product. In some cases, it will be possible to reuse the product if proper treatment is provided to the product after the separation from packing material. Here Prounit Frames can also help with both knowledge and equipment.

Along with recycling carton material and re-using the product this machine will allow customers to lower cost and time when the need to empty filled product packages is pending - fast and safe.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a partner that has one or several carton filling machine(s) in their dairy or beverage production plant and that is willing to co-sponsor the financials in the project scope at cost level along with testing the prototype together with us. The location is not so important rather then the collaboration and efforts to participate in a prototype testing phase.

After completion and satisfactory prototype tests the machine will be owned by the partner, however Prounit Frames would have the possibility to showcase the machine and use the results for further development and marketing purposes.

Project duration is estimated to 25-30 weeks where 4 weeks are planned to be testing at the partner’s facilities.

The project scope also includes searching for development funds in terms of financial aid. This part is already ongoing and will be handled by Prounit Frames.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Kristensen at Prounit Frames on | +45 51154460

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