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Used Beverage Cartons (UBC)

Application UBCs.jpg

Used Food & Beverage cartons (UBC) are often used for milk, juice, sauce, yoghurt etc. The cartons often include paper, plastic and aluminum. Each component, if separated in clean fractions, can be utilized in various other industries as a new raw material.

When our Separation Line gets the fraction after it has been cleaned from impurities, the process will dissolve the aluminum into an “Aluminate” fraction and a clean Plastic and Carton fiber fraction. The Carton fiber fraction can be recycled in the paper industry repeatedly, the Plastic fraction can then be utilized for a multiple recycling and the “Aluminate” can be used for precipitation of phosphorus in wastewater and sewage facilities.

During the process of separation hydrogen gas is created with almost no excess energy required. The gas can then be transformed into energy for various fuel purposes as a green and sustainable energy source.

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